Information Regarding the NWSC Scholarship

The Northwestern Showmen's Club scholarship is a competitive scholarship that is issued once a year to a select number of qualifying applicants. Any applicant can apply annually up to five times. Based on the fluctuation of our budget, the amount of the award will be determined each year and is subject to change from year to year.


New financial guidelines:

Scholarships will be awarded in increments of $1000.00 per approved application as per funds available.   Subject to change according to fund avaiability by the Board of Govenors.  For more details refer to the club By-Laws on the web site. 


Scholarship applications will be scored by the scholarship committee, as explained below.

Scholarship committee chairman and each scholarship committee member shall fill out this blind scoring rubric on each applicant at meeting in January. This will give you the total score for each applicant. Scholarship Committee Chairman will present all applications and blind scoring rubric (for each person) to Board of Governors' at meeting in February, at which time the Board of Governors will determine how many scholarships and to whom will be awarded. 

Scoring Rubric


Applications now due  DECEMBER 31st 

Scholarship Application


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