Installation of Officers
Dec 25th
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1507 SE 123RD AVE

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Incoming Rick Spromberg's installation committee has decided to go forward with his installation and Incoming Presidents Party. 


This event is schedules to happen on January 25th 2021 at the Ilani Casino 1 Cowlitz Way Ridgefield, WA. 98642.



The installation of officers will happen at 5:45pm with dinner / Rick Spromberg's cocktail party to follow


If for any reason we cannot have this event because of the “Phase” category then it will be moved to February 15th 2021.   We will be following all the social gathering guidelines that at set forth at that time but with that said we   do not want anyone with health issues to attend.  We do not want to put any of our members in harm's way. If you have the slightest fear please trust your instincts and sit this one out. 


There will be limited seating (60 people at this time) and we would like to get a commitment from club members that would like to attend.  Contact Theresa and get on the list.  If your name is not on the list, we cannot allow you in the event as we have to have an exact head count.  If you're on the list and decide not to go please contact us so we can remove your name we need an exact head count.



Please provide the full name of each person who will attend on or before December 1st 2020.    Due to the virus we need an exact head count for this event.

** Anyone attending must be a paid club member this year due to Virus

*** Any minors attending have to be accompanied by an adult when on the floor



Also, Ilani Casino has free RV Parking and Shuttle transportation from RV lot to Casino.

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