Christmas Party
Christmas Party
Dec 16th
The Details
Come Celebrate Christmas cheer with the club members. 

**Dates are tentative, and subject to change.
All party information will be announced soon!**

We have some "FUN" stuff planned - something for everyone

There will be no club meeting

** CHILDREN INFORMATION:  If you are bringing a child please bring a gift
wrapped that santa can give to the child when he visits.

**  Adult gift exchange:  Bring a gift up to a $25 dollar value wrapped with Man or women on the present and we will pull numbers for gifts. 
Please try to make the gift Christmas themed (such as a tree ornament etc. . .)

Text: Theresa at 360-270-6882 to let Theresa know you will be attending. 
If you are not on the list there willnot ba a meal ordered for you

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