March 31st, 2016


Hi Everyone!
Wow! It’s only been a few weeks since the Banquet and Ball, and a lot has happened already.
Safety Seminar was February 14-19. Thanks to John Hinde, Bev Burback, Mary Beth Coffey, and everyone
who helped make it a great success. The food was, as always, wonderful. Not a lot of people realize how
much work it is to put out meals for that many people. Besides the usual crew, we had some younger
members of the club who spent the entire week working in the kitchen.  It’s terrific to see younger members so willing to roll up their sleeves and work so hard in support of the club. Thanks to Ronnie Lindstrom
(Meeker Photo Buttons), Jamie Huff (Davis Shows NW), Kate Smith (Cascade Amusements) and Dennis
Richter (Cascade Amusements).
We had a Going Away Party for the first time in quite a few years, and it was a lot of fun! (More on that later
in the newsletter, I’m sure.) Thank you to Crystal Hoss, party committee chair, who put together a really
great night.
We also had the first meeting of the year. The gourmet committee made it a potluck, bringing dishes from
PP Tracy Burback’s fundraiser cookbook, and inviting members to do the same. Thanks Dennis Richter,
gourmet chair, Theresa Spromberg, and everyone who brought goodies.
Everyone is getting ready to head out on the road. Here’s to safe travels, big crowds, and a successful
season for us all. Please keep sending things, old and new, in to Theresa for the newsletter.
Go out and live some more stories for us to tell!



Northwestern Showmen’s Club is proud to announce that one of our club members has been inducted into the
Outdoor Amusement Business Association “Hall of Fame”.
The OABA has honored members for their service and contribution to the Association and the mobile amusement
industry since 2001.  The OABA has honored both deceased and living industry icons. The Hall of Fame program
celebrates outstanding achievement and contribution to the growth and development of the carnival industry and those who
served their national trade Organization.

The OABA made a video of Bev’s life and accomplishments. Bev has never been one to sit idle. Along with owning a carnival she:
Created a small children’s amusement park call Lolli Brook Park
Created a dark ride called “The Bear Cave”
Owned 2 Arcades
She also had food stands on her carnival:
Wells fine dining food wagon (Kind of cute story: Bev bought the used trailer and the Wells family name was already
painted on it. So when she took it out on the road everyone knew her a Misses Wells and had no idea she was coowner
of show. For years she learned a lot of gossip because they thought she was just one of the crew.
Elephant ear stand, Bev’s fine lemonade.
As co- owner of Funtastic Bev is very hands on with her company. She is the back bone of everyday operations and
how those are implemented out on the road. She is also the driving factor behind Funtastic staying up with the times. She is always changing and inventing new things that keep our shows moving forward. Probably best
described by a long time partner when she said “she is the glue that can hold any organization together”.

More on Bev receiving this award in the newsletter.



NWSC Scholarship awards for 2016-17 are Aspen Bogue, Marrisa Allin, Adam Haworth, Sarah J Smith.
Congratulations to all of you. Have a great year at school.
Sheila Tuttle received her lifetime in 1979 from her father Ralph Meeker. Bill Tuttle received his
from Ray Hodges 1970. Flora Sherbourne received hers from Isobel Burtenshaw in 1978. Guy
Sherbourne Sr. received his from Catherine Blowers. Dwight Haworth Sr. received his lifetime
membership in 1983 from his Auntie Max (Maxine Haworth Helzer Hampton Mitchell Haworth)

Also in the newsletter: birthdays, anniversaries, and lots of fun pictures.