January 27th, 2018

Banquet Weekend

Banquet and Ball weekend was, as always, great fun.  We closed out President Bruce Anderson’s year with a big hurrah! (including a flashy motorcycle entrance for our president).  Incoming President Fred Munoz hosted a fun Casino Night party Friday and was installed as our new president on Sunday.  Outgoing president Bruce presented Fred with a BIG gavel – let’s see if it gets put to use at Fred’s first meeting during Seminar.

April 29th, 2017


A Word from your 2017 President
And Now, A Few Words From Our Prez
Too informal? I don’t know. Theresa wouldn’t let me go with my first idea. Which was to copy last year’s newsletter, change a few dates and names, and resubmit it. Who’d know? Apparently, it’s un-presidential. So you’re going to have to bear with me a bit.
Lets start with what I DO know.
I know that the banquet and ball was AMAZING! The Friday night incoming party, hosted by Mike and Cathy Davis, was such a great time. I hope you all had as much fun as I did. The food was wonderful and the decorations were really special. Playing on the #carnylife theme, I think we all found something we could relate to. And the #’s that you all wrote were incredibly creative and entertaining. Mike and Cathy, I can never repay you for all of your generosity, creativity, and hard work. So you’re just gonna have to settle for my
heartfelt thanks. I love you both.
Amy really raised the bar with this year’s banquet. She not only hosted a very excellent breakfast, but we had a free happy hour! I’m telling ya, they lost money on me. The food at the banquet was first rate. The entertainment entertaining. The band was so good I was almost overtaken with the urge to dance. I would also like to thank Chris Hoss, Geraldine Davis, and Cathy Davis for putting together the finest installation I’ve ever participated in. Jim Parks and Michael Davis exceeded expectations. They even made ME look good. No small task, and I truly appreciate their efforts. If you’ve never participated,
I highly recommend it. Quite a humbling experience.
And then I turn around three times and it’s time for Safety Seminar. And I STILL haven’t got that darned newsletter out. Probably because Theresa didn’t mention it 37 times. Anyway, back to the facts.
The fact is they didn’t tell me I had to speak! Not that it would’ve helped.
And surely the fact must be that Safety Seminar beat all expectations. I think the attendance certainly must  have set a record. Seemed like when I was serving meals, the line went on forever. And so many new N.W.S.C. attendees. I think the word is out there. This is the one worth attending.
Or maybe it’s just the great food. Because, as usual, the legendary “Sisters Of The Sink” worked their magic. Producing their traditional treats such as the McSlatterys as well as some new dishes. But the crowning glory was the succulent mountain of barbecued ribs prepared by our incoming vice president Fred Munoz. Fred tells me that when HE’S President, we will have bbq’d ribs every week.
We also held our first meetings of 2017 during Safety Seminar. The BOG meeting was short and sweet. Both times. And then there was the club meeting. I now think I understand how Bingo Hauser must have felt in a ring trying to tame lions.
And I STILL didn’t have that darned newsletter done. No matter how many times our esteemed recording secretary mentioned it. At volume. With lasers.
But now I do. Bruce Anderson NWSC President 2017


A Final Word from your 2016 President
Well, what a year!! It certainly ended on a good note – Banquet weekend was so much fun! Great friends, great entertainment, great weekend. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. So many people worked so hard to make sure we did. I tried to say this during the weekend, but it bears repeating: THANK YOU !!!!!!! There was so much support from the Club this year. Going Away party, themed meetings, Coming Home party, more meetings, Christmas party . . .and finally Banquet. I could not have asked for more. Our club members are the best! From the bottom of my heart, thank you all.
Again, I had a wonderful time as president this year. It was truly an honor to represent this club for the past year.
Bruce, you’re up!

Amy Nelson Smith (past president – now I can say that!!!)

Sick & Welfare:
Gil Vachon is a life member of our club since 1962. He has been living in Florida for quite some time since he retired, but now has liver cancer and is going thru chemo treatments.
Trude Smith with Rainier Amusements had surgery right after the Banquet & Ball, and husband Mike Smith is very happy to report she has recovered very nicely.
UPDATE: Trude had this surgery and recovery went fine, but she returned to the hospital and had to have surgery to put a pacemaker in and now is home recovering from that.
Maxine Haworth is scheduled to have surgery in March 14th 2017.
UPDATE: Maxine had her surgery and is doing great.
Michael Moye (not a member this year, but has been in the past) pasted away on Saturday Feb. 25th, 2017 from complications after a stroke and heart attack. Mike had worked for Playland Shows, Haworth Family Shows, and most recently Cascade Amusements.

This year scholarship winners were announced at our club meeting on Monday during the safety seminar week.
Scholarship winners for 2017/2018 school year are,
Will Hockett, (Son of Wade Hockett & Isabell Veen),
Racheal Owens, (Granddaughter of Bob Lee) and
Gabriella Girolami, (Daughter of Vince & Cheri Girolami)